¿Psychological contract, breach or fulfilment?: a meta-analytic review of empiric research


  • Gabriela Topa Cantisano UNED
  • Francisco Javier Palací UNED




Psychological contract, meta-analysis, fulfillment, perceived breach, outcomes


A review of 96 studies on psychological contract yielded 41 primary studies included in a meta-analytic revision, 28 using perceived breach as a predictor and 13 using fulfillment. In this study, meta-analytic procedures were used to examine the relationship between psychological contract perceived breach or fulfillment and outcomes, such as organizational commitment, job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviors. All yielded significant effect sizes, with the smallest for the relationship the perceived breach of the psychological contract or its fulfillment and the outcomes of the variability in primary studies. Results are discussed in order to provide theoretical and empirical implications.


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Topa Cantisano, G., & Palací, F. J. (2012). ¿Psychological contract, breach or fulfilment?: a meta-analytic review of empiric research. Acción Psicológica, 3(3), 155–177. https://doi.org/10.5944/ap.3.3.510



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