Theoretical issues on aggression: concept and models


  • Miguel Ángel Carrasco UNED
  • María José González UNED



Aggression, concept, typology, explicative models


The present paper provides a historical review of the study of aggression. As far as its definition, its concept is revised and so is its delimitation with regard to other terms such as aggressiveness, anger, hostility, violence or crime. Likewise, a selection of the main typologies is also summarized. Lastly, several explicative models of aggression are presented: instinctive, biological, drive models, behavioral, cognitive, those related to family dynamics or rearing patterns, as well as the developing approaches and the integrative theories.


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Author Biography

Miguel Ángel Carrasco, UNED

Facultad de Psicología. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

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Carrasco, M. Ángel, & González, M. J. (2012). Theoretical issues on aggression: concept and models. Acción Psicológica, 4(2), 7–38.



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