Psychological impact of confinement in a sample of older adults: longitudinal study before and during COVID-19




Older adults, psychological impact, psychological well-being, covid-19 pre-post, resilience


Home confinement has been one of the measures taken in relation to COVID-19. Knowing what psychological consequences it entails is of interest, and particularly in the older adults.

We analyze the impact of confinement on a sample of people over 65 years old evaluated before the pandemic (WAVE 1) and subsequently evaluated during home confinement (WAVE 2). A digital questionnaire distributed online (C.A.W.I -computer assisted web interviewing-) was administered to a sample of 141 people over 64 years old in Madrid. On the one hand, sociodemographic data, housing and services, health situation, health, physical function, physical exercise, depressive symptomatology, leisure and free time activities, social support, resilience, loneliness and well-being in the situation of confinement of the sample (WAVE 2) are investigated through descriptive analyses. In addition, comparison analyses are performed on some variables in the sample before the pandemic (WAVE 1) and during confinement (WAVE 2). The results show that well-being levels are preserved in the sample of this study.


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Author Biography

Virginia Fernández-Fernández, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Facultad de Psicología


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