Design of the own professional strategy


  • Antonio Valls Roig Consultor de Desarrollo Directivo de HUMAN SUCCES



Professional trajectory, objects, plan, contacts, deisign, strategy


In this article, the author wants to show the four key points importance, to take into account when thinking on managing your career. Two options are at hand: either «you» are the manager, or the ones who will manage your career will be «the others». Emphasizing Daniel Levinson's opinions and research regarding life seasons, this article shows -nevertheless- the need to be sensitive at all times -as far as your career is concerned-, and the need to have goals, make plans, and do something, like in a business environment.


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Valls Roig, A. (2012). Design of the own professional strategy. Acción Psicológica, 5(1), 79–86.



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