Multiple organizational identities in network society


  • Ana Moreno Romero Universidad Politécnica de Madrid



Network organization, networks, virtual organization, networked professional, social identity, complementary organization


Incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies allow for networked work schemes for employees. In this context, relationship with the main employer may be managed easier with others with complementary organizations (NGO, leisure group.) This work analyzes how social identity evolves, with a study among 205 professionals from different organizations. They have been divided into networked and non-networked professionals. These professionals were part of more than one organization what allow compare social identity with the main employer and the complementary organizations. The main objective of this research is to show if networked models facilitate social identity with complementary organizations, and could loose the social identity with the main employer.


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Moreno Romero, A. (2012). Multiple organizational identities in network society. Acción Psicológica, 7(1), 65–73.



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