Symptom check list SCL-90-Revised: Analysis in psychiatric patients


  • Miguel Ángel Carrasco UNED
  • Víctor Sánchez Moral
  • Héctor Ciccotelli
  • María Victoria del Barrio UNED



Symptom check list, SCL-90, psychometric properties, psychopathology


We show the first exploratory results on the Symptom Checklist SCL-90-R used in a clinical sample assessed and treated in the Applied Psychology Service of the UNED. The sample was composed by of 87 subjects (60,9% men and 39,1% women) with a mean age of 36,25 years. Women scored significantly higher in many scales and so did in the tree global severity indexes. On the other hand, there were no differences on age. The results found show apropiate psychometric properties. The instrument is sensitive to changes produced after a psychological intervention but the profiles studied and its relatively concordance with the clinical diagnosis suggest the use of the instrument is more a screening test than a diagnosis.


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Carrasco, M. Ángel, Sánchez Moral, V., Ciccotelli, H., & del Barrio, M. V. (2012). Symptom check list SCL-90-Revised: Analysis in psychiatric patients. Acción Psicológica, 2(2), 149–161.



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