Human values and contexts in civil and military populations


  • María Martina Casullo Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Alejandro Castro Colegio Militar de la·Nación



Context, military population, general population, human values


Based on Schwartz's proposals (2001), an instrument was designed to assess human values in different contexts (recreation and social life, family and work). Data were gathered in an Argentinean population (n=882) in three different contexts: a) civil population (n = 442); b) military officials (n = 63) and e) cadet students (n = 373). Individual differences between human values for the three groups studied (civilians, officials and cadets) were analyzed. The study verified that civil population is more consistent in opening to change, compared to the military population. Participants from the arrny are mainly ruled by values related to tradition, conformity and security. As far as differences regarding the context, similar motivational types were found for work and family environments; there are discrepancies for the three groups in values related to social life.


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Casullo, M. M., & Castro, A. (2012). Human values and contexts in civil and military populations. Acción Psicológica, 3(1), 21–30.



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