Vol 22, No 1 (2019) EN


Vol 22, No 1 (2019)

Special Issue. Debates regarding Technology and Education: contemporary pathways and pending conversations


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5944/ried.22.1

Coord.: Linda Castañeda


Table of Contents



The Contribution of RIED in 30 years of scientific activity

Carolina Schmitt Nunes


Special Issue

Debates regarding Technology and Education: contemporary pathways and pending conversations

Linda Castañeda


A Visualisation Dashboard for Contested Collective Intelligence Learning Analytics to Improve Sensemaking of Group Discussion

Thomas Daniel Ullmann, Anna De Liddo, Michelle Bachler


Learning about Careers: Open data and Labour Market Intelligence

Graham Attwell, Deirdre Hughes


What future(s) for distance education universities? Towards an open network-based approach

Antonio Moreira Teixeira, Tony Bates, José Mota


Student Perspectives of Technology use for Learning in Higher Education

Nada Dabbagh, Helen Fake, Zhicheng Zhang


Technology for teaching and learning foreign languages: a literature review

Fernando Trujillo Sáez, Carlos Salvadores Merino, Ángel Gabarrón Pérez


The discussion on computational thinking in education

Jordi Adell Segura, María Ángeles Llopis Nebot, Francesc Esteve Mon, María Gracia Valdeolivas Novella


Teaching Digital Competence Certification: a proposal for university teachers

Marta Durán Cuartero, Mª Paz Prendes Espinosa, Isabel Gutiérrez Porlán


Whose interest is educational technology serving? Who is included and who is excluded?

Caroline Kühn Hildebrandt


The PLE and its impact on the educational literature: the last decade

Linda Castañeda, Gemma Tur, Ricardo Torres-Kompen


Research and Case Studies

The problem with distance education dropout rate. Answers from the Mediated Educational Dialogue

Lorenzo García Aretio


Analysis of the triad: academic integration, permanence and geographic dispersion

Luis Fabian Moncada Mora, José Fernando Negrete Zambrano, Max Alejandro Arias Monteros, Pablo Ramiro Armijos Valdivieso


Relations in Virtual Education: A study on the antecedents of loyalty

Marcelo Curth, Cláudio Hoffmann Sampaio, Rafael Spolavori


Predictors of self-assessment of general health in teachers working in distance education

Daniele Kruel Goebel, Mary Sandra Carlotto


A review of Ubiquitous Learning

Carmen Inés Báez Pérez, Clifton Eduardo Clunie Beaufond