Vol 23, No 2 (2020) EN


Vol 23, No 2 (2020)

Special Issue. Learning analytics and data-driven education: A growing field


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5944/ried.23.2

Coords.: D. Domínguez, J. Reich y J.A. Ruipérez


Table of Contents



Teacher knowledge and skills in digital and distance education. A reflection for training

Lorenzo García Aretio


Special Issue

Learning analytics and data-driven education: A growing field

Daniel Domínguez Figaredo, Justin Reich, José A. Ruipérez-Valiente


Evaluating Learning Transfer from MOOCs to Workplaces: A Case Study from Teacher Education and Launching Innovation in Schools

Alyssa Napier, Elizabeth Huttner-Loan, Justin Reich


Data-driven educational algorithms pedagogical framing

Daniel Domínguez Figaredo


The Implementation Process of Learning Analytics

José A. Ruipérez-Valiente


Analytics for Action: Assessing effectiveness and impact of data informed interventions on online modules

Rafael Hidalgo, Gerald Evans


Evaluation of students’ academic results through the analysis of their use of Version Control Systems

Alexis Gutiérrez Fernández, Ángel Manuel Guerrero Higueras, Miguel Ángel Conde González, Camino Fernández Llamas


Early dropout prediction via machine learning in professional online courses

Ignacio Urteaga, Laura Siri, Guillermo Garófalo


Benefits of the software product line paradigm in generating dashboards for educational contexts

Andrea Vázquez-Ingelmo, Roberto Therón


Achievements and challenges in learning analytics in Spain: The view of SNOLA

Alejandra Martínez Monés, Yannis Dimitriadis Damoulis, Emiliano Acquila-Natale, Ainhoa Álvarez, Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez, Ruth Cobos Pérez, Miguel Ángel Conde González, Francisco José García Peñalvo, Davinia Hernández Leo, Iratxe Menchaca Sierra, Pedro José Muñoz-Merino, Salvador Ros, Teresa Sancho Vinuesa


Privacy, security and legality in educational solutions based on Blockchain: A Systematic Literature Review

Daniel Amo, Marc Alier, Francisco García-Peñalvo, David Fonseca, María José Casañ


Ethical considerations on the use of massive data-based technologies in UNED

José L. Aznarte


Research and Case Studies

Teachers resistance to change: Features and strategies for an unsolved issue

José Luis Córica


Violence through ICT: behaviors differentiated by gender

Jose Dominguez Alonso, Iago Portela Pino


ICT potentials and their role in promoting creativity: teachers’ perceptions

María José Cuetos Revuelta, Lucía Grijalbo Fernández, Elena Argüeso Vaca, Vanessa Escamilla Gómez, Ruth Ballesteros Gómez


Development of an assessment questionnaire for on-line teaching competency

Edna Luna Serrano, Alma Delia Hernandez Villafaña