Vol 19, No 1 (2016) EN


Vol 19, No 1 (2016)

Special Issue. Mobile assisted language learning in distance and blended education


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5944/ried.19.1

Coords.: M. Jordano de la Torre, M.D. Castrillo de Larreta-Azelain, A. Pareja-Lora


Table of Contents



The historical inception of a complex public distance university: UNED in Spain

Lorenzo García Aretio


Special Issue

Mobile Assisted Language Learning in distance and blended education

María Jordano de la Torre, María Dolores Castrillo de Larreta-Azelain, Antonio Pareja-Lora


Learning to make effective English presentations with BusinessApp

Antonio Pareja Lora, Cristina Calle Martínez, Lourdes Pomposo Yanes


VISP design and evaluation, a mobile application to practise oral competence

Ana Ibáñez Moreno, María Jordano de la Torre, Anna Vermeulen


The case for using DUOLINGO as part of the language classroom experience

Pilar Munday


Metacognition as Scaffolding for the Development of Listening Comprehension in a Social MALL App

Elena Barcena, Timothy Read


Mobile language learning through spy games in secondary education

Mª Mercedes Rico-García, J. Enrique Agudo Garzón


Research and Case Studies

A New Competence-based Approach for Personalizing MOOCs in a Mobile Collaborative and Networked Environment

António Teixeira, Antonio Garcia-Cabot, Eva Garcia-Lopez, José Mota, Luis de-Marcos


The constraints of face-to-face higher education teachers about the adoption of online learning

Domingos Martinho, Idalina Jorge


Survey of teaching competencies necessary for instructors of e learning

André Tenório, Aline dos Santos Teles, Thaís Tenório


Training in good teaching practices for virtual education

Rodrigo Alberto Duran Rodríguez, Christian Estay-Niculcar


Shared regulation in collaborative learning environments mediated by computer: differences between high and low performance groups

Juan Carlos Castellanos Ramírez, Javier Onrubia Goñi


E-learning, online education and open education: a contribution to a theoretical approach

Luisa Aires


Learning self-regulated and the field teacher training in the education distance mode

Luciana Toaldo Avila, Lourdes Maria Bragagnolo Frison