Sustainable organizations: Reflexions about organization and sustainable development


  • Carlos Mendieta Psicólogo. Director de la Fundación Fòrum Ambiental



Organizational development, sustainable development, indicators, human resources


Analyzing the objective of our work from the perspective of other disciplines is an exercise that can be very thought-provoking. It could at times result in that the concepts, theories and techniques used convert themselves into an important part of the progress of the activity. This is the goal of this brief article, in which we apply the definitions, laws and techniques of sustainable development to the area of organizational development. In the introductory part we present the bases of the model of sustainable development and the laws that define them, so that we later can apply the same laws to the management of people in organizations, and in that way identify the businesses that pollute their human resources. In the second part of the article we offer a brief reflection based on the question «what purpose does a boss serve?», a reflection that lets us observe the value of using sustainable and organizational development indicators. These indicators are the base of constructing the knowledge necessary to design organizational models that are more sustainable in regards to the people that form them.


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Mendieta, C. (2012). Sustainable organizations: Reflexions about organization and sustainable development. Acción Psicológica, 5(1), 67–78.



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