Developing and Organizational Consciousness


  • Francesc Beltri Gebrat Consultor en organizaciones y coach. Grupo Mediterráneo Consultores



Organizational development, development model, consultancy, evolution, growth barries


This paper puts forward a description of the different stages that an organization goes through in its way towards developing an organizational consciousness, as well as of the different barriers that it must overcome in order to move from one stage to the next. Phenomena that illustrate the difficulties that are faced in the process are also presented. Most importantly, the paper puts forward a descriptive model to use in the analyis of the maturational level of an organization based on Organizational Development (OD) and GST (General System Theory)


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Beltri Gebrat, F. (2012). Developing and Organizational Consciousness. Acción Psicológica, 5(1), 41–52.



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