Organizational Development from model Conflict Mentoring Perspective


  • Tino Prat Empresario, consultor y formador. Licenciado en Ciencias Empresariales y Master por ESADE



Agreement, love, fear, discrepancy, consensus, conflict


In this article, we present a new model of analysis and diagnosis of human relationships. This model brings forth an immediate comprehension of the conflict momentum and it facilitates a prognosis and diagnosis of adequate intervention. The most significant contribution of this model is the Conflict Mentoring Map. This simple map of four quadrants allows the parties involved in the conflict to determine what is happening in their relationships. By positioning ourselves in the Map, we immediately comprehend our role in the conflictive relationship. This realization is the Map´s main virtue. We automatically realize that the simplistic approach «only the other part is at fault» is not accurate. Consequently, we begin to determine our co-responsibility in the origin and continuation of real or potential conflict. We acquire a new and more responsible systemic comprehension of the relationship. The following chapters explain the genesis of the Conflict Mentoring Model: 1. Introduction and framing of the world of relationships. 2. Current frame of conflict resolution. 3. Alternative models of conflict management. 4. Conflict Mentoring Model


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Prat, T. (2012). Organizational Development from model Conflict Mentoring Perspective. Acción Psicológica, 5(1), 29–40.



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