Influence of Nursing Units' Organizational Culture on intention to remain and citizenship behaviors: a multisample study


  • José Pérez-Larrazabal Universidad de Deusto
  • Mercedes Aranda Carmena UNED. Departamento de Psicología Social y de las Organizaciones.
  • Gabriela Topa UNED. Departamento de Psicología social y de las organizaciones.



organizational culture, nursing, organizational citizenship behaviors, intention to remain


This study attempts to clarify the relationship between organizational culture, intention to remain and organizational citizenship behaviors within newcomer professional nurses who have joined the Nursing Unit during the last six months. In order to do so, newcomers’ and veterans’ perceptions of organizational culture have been compared. The study has been conducted with two samples of Spanish professional nurses. The first includes 376 veterans and the second is constituted by 162 novice professionals recently incorporated to the same Nursing Units. Related to assessment of organizational culture, an index of intragroup agreement is calculated and it is used to distinguish between groups with strong shared culture, and groups with weak shared culture. It is hypothesized that the predictive power of culture on outcomes will vary depending on the group shared culture (strong vs. Weak). To test this hypothesis, a hierarchical regression analysis was performed. Discussion of results is followed by a consideration of new lines of research suggested by the findings


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Pérez-Larrazabal, J., Aranda Carmena, M., & Topa, G. (2015). Influence of Nursing Units’ Organizational Culture on intention to remain and citizenship behaviors: a multisample study. Acción Psicológica, 12(2), 59–72.



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