Santiago Ramón y Cajal: Retrospective analysis of a case of school harassment




bullying, Ramón y Cajal


The school harassment has today a special interest, never­theless it is a problem that with major or minor intensity has existed always. The followed method has been to analyze, first the characteristics of the bullying appealing experts and I do again the allusions that Cajal does of the bullying in his work specially the content Recuerdos de mi vida where a meticulous description does to itself of his experi­ence. Later both situations are compared. We present a spe­cial case of bullying that for the relevancy of the personage can be a font of inspiration for the current cases of bully­ing In S. Ramón y Cajal’s autobiography, there are offered some lively descriptions of a case of violence in school, or bullying, suffered by him during his schoolboy days. His analysis and reflections on that experience may serve as some “classic pages” on such phenomenon, and his way of facing it is still now worthy to be read and considered. Given the origin of these analyses and so diverse solutions in different circumstances, is suitable that the experts in bullying know it and bear in mind.


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Author Biography

Victoria del Barrio Gándara, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Especialista en problemas emocionales infantiles. Departamento de Personalidad,Evaluación y Tratamientos Psicológicos.

Juan del Rosal, 10, 28020 Madrid



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