Executive function: Unity-diversity and developmental trajectories


  • Esperanza Bausela Herreras Universidad Internacional de La Rioja




inhibition, working memory, flexibility, ontogenetic study


The purpose of this paper is to deepen the study of the development of executive functioning, particularly the developmental trajectories of the various dimensions that comprise (inhibition, working memory and flexibility) - according to the paradox proposed by Miyake and collaborators - and see if its evolution follows the shape of an inverted U - with initial ascent, moderate growth and a decrease in the course of the years; we completed this review theoretical deepening possible lines of research in relation the development of executive functioning in different aspects: development of trajectory and development mechanisms. We conclude this review, considering the importance of studies involving neuroimaging techniques that allow us to complete the study of higher-order cognitive process that is still a great unknown in ontogenetic studies of development.


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Bausela Herreras, E. (2015). Executive function: Unity-diversity and developmental trajectories. Acción Psicológica, 11(1), 35–44. https://doi.org/10.5944/ap.11.1.13790



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