Increasing mindfulness with the practice of psychotherapy


  • Eduard Martínez
  • Meritxell Pacheco Universitat Ramon Llull



Constructivist Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Expertise


Research on Mindfulness often focuses on the benefits to the patient, but analyzing its definition we can see the similarities that can be found with relational Rogerian skills (Rogers, 1951). In this study, the relationship between constructivist therapists years of experience and the rising of their mindfulness capacity is analyzed. We administered the scale MAAS (Brown & Ryan, 2003) to constructivist psychotherapists. 15 of theme were  novice (less than 5 years of experience) and 22 of them were expert (over 8 years of experience). Comparing the results of both groups allow us to state that expert constructivist psychotherapists have more capacity of mindfulness than novices.


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Martínez, E., & Pacheco, M. (2013). Increasing mindfulness with the practice of psychotherapy. Acción Psicológica, 9(2), 111–116.



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