Call for Papers Special Issue "Personal Strengths"


Special issue topic: Researching personal strengths for creating positive lives and environments: an international perspective.

Editors of the Special issue: 

  • Guest Editors: Vanessa Sinclair, Anita Feher and Claire Wilson.
  • Senior Guest Editor: Gabriela Topa.
  • Consulting Guest Editor: Donald H. Saklofske.

Introduction: Positive psychology has contributed to the identification of personal strengths that contribute both to psychological health and well-being but also supportive environments. But the link between these strengths and wellness is complex, because it is often mediated by several processes which often take place in the social network and the organizational fields, and could be limited by both natural but also human imposed constrains. Intellectual strengths, interpersonal strengths, and temperament strengths would appear to be key factors contributing to promotion of healthy individuals and society. This special issue aims to report current research that will contribute to better understanding of the interplay between strengths and outcomes. Priority is given to those contributions that involve novel theoretical and methodological approaches, examine key factors linked with well-being, and consider different cultural contexts.

Type of articles: papers should report the results from empirical research studies, but theoretical and review papers may also be considered Length: not to exceed 7000 words inclusive of text, tables, references; brief articles of approximately 2500 words will be considered.

Format: paper presentation should follow APA guidelines; all papers will be submitted and published in English.


  • Submission Deadline for full manuscripts: September 7, 2018. 
  • Probably data for Publication: December 2018.

Procedure for review: all manuscripts will be subjected to double-blind review process by the editors and review panel. Each contributor should assume the role of reviewer for, at least, one paper submitted to the special issue by others.

Submissions should be sent to the section "Special Issue: Personal Strengths" clic here to register