Multilingual content of the articles in RIED (since 2016).

All the titles of all the articles published in RIED since 2016 are offered in seven languages ​​other than Spanish: English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

In addition, since that year, all articles are presented in html format so that all of them can be translated into any language, with the help of Google's translator.


Vol 26(2) (2023): Special Issue. Evidence of Learning in Educational Practices Mediated by Digital Technologies

Coords: César Coll, Frida Díaz, Anna Engel y Jesús Salinas


Vol 26(1) (2023): Special Issue: Innovative Teaching Strategies and Competences for Digital Education

Coords: Albert Sangrà, Montse Guitert y Patricia Alejandra Behar


Vol 25(2) (2022). Special Issue. Complex Digital Horizons in the Future of Education 4.0: Insights from UNESCO Recommendations

Coords: María S. Ramírez-Montoya, Rory McGreal & Jane-Frances Obiageli Agbu


Vol 25(1) (2022). Special Issue. Audiovisual and Multiscreen Education

Coords: Ignacio Aguaded, Miguel-Angel Ortiz-Sobrino


Vol 24(2) (2021). Special Issue. Assessing Online Learning and the Digitalization of Assessment

Coords: E. Barberá-Gregori y C. Suárez-Guerrero


Vol 24(1) (2021). Special Issue. Advanced technologies to face the challenge of educational innovation

Coords: M.P. Prendes Espinosa y F. Cerdán Cartagena


Vol 23(2) (2020). Special Issue. Learning analytics and data-driven education: A growing field

Coords: D. Domínguez, J. Reich y J.A. Ruipérez


Vol 23(1) (2020). Special Issue. Service-Learning and digital environment of learning: innovative challenges for higher education

Coords: M. Ruiz Corbella y J. García-Gutiérrez


Vol 22(2) (2019). Special Issue. Social networks in education: from innovation to educational research

Coords: V. Marín-Díaz y J. Cabero


Vol 22(1) (2019). Special Issue. Debates regarding Technology and Education: contemporary pathways and pending conversations

Coords: L. Castañeda


Vol 21(2) (2018). Special Issue. Towards the digital university: where are we and where are we going?

Coords: M. Area Moreira


Vol 21(1) (2018). Special Issue. The blended learning revolution in distance education

Coords: R. García-Ruiz, I. Aguaded, A. Bartolomé-Pina


Vol 20(2) (2017). Special Issue. Effective integration of the mobile device into education and learning

Coords: M.S. Ramírez-Montoya, F.J. García-Peñalvo


Vol 20(1) (2017). Special Issue. MOOC from a practical perspective

Coords: J.C. Aguado Franco


Vol 19(2) (2016). Special Issue. Digital Games and Gamification applied in the ambit of Education

Coords: R.S. Contreras Espinosa


Vol 19(1) (2016). Special Issue. Mobile assisted language learning in distance and blended education

Coords: M. Jordano de la Torre, M.D. Castrillo de Larreta-Azelain, A. Pareja-Lora