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Resumen biográfico Your Very Own Party Menu - Bringing Out the Party Chef in You

Who doesn't eat in a party? No one! A part of every party, gathering or event is the serving foods and drinks. What is in your party menu may make or break your whole party.

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But lucky for you, I have compiled the tried and tested ideas to put in your menu. I took the liberty to divide the recipes into two groups according to your party's theme: Sit or Stand. Let's start with the "sit."

The Sit-down Party

Obviously, this is the more "formal' type of party. The usual parties that fall in this category are dinner parties and weddings. It is called as such because, well, the guests are usually seated down and there are at times, predetermined seating arrangements. But we aren't here to talk about chairs and seating arrangements, are we?

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The usual menu for a sit-down party includes something fancy or at least something that looks and tastes like it. But if course, gone are the days when dinner parties won't be complete without caviar or roasted duck in the menu. Sit-down parties nowadays are just for families and friends who want a night full of stories and laughs.

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A sit-down party menu usually starts with some salad or soup. Caesar Salad is always a safe bet and is really easy to make. After that, you can serve your main dish or some pasta. You can serve simple yet tasty meals like carbonara, grilled steak or perhaps some filet mignon. And a great way to end it is through serving some home-baked cookies or a classic cheesecake.

On regard to the beverages in a sit-down party, wine or champagne sounds just in order. You would also want to be ready with some punch or any non-alcohol drinks for your guests.