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Card Despair is a hard looking, full of darkness and dark plot. It takes place in America during the first world war. The main character Jack Herbert gets involved in the war in Belgium, and joins the D'Arcy Army. It's a full adventure story with lots of different events, and as a very dark plot, it can make you feel sick tangkasnet.

As the story starts, we see that Jack Herbert was a detective and a famous hunting guide, and it seems he was found dead. His girlfriend finds his body, but before he can be given the news, his mother informs them that he's going to war in Belgium. As a result of this news, she decides to leave Jack, as she is afraid he will die there, and she'll never see him again.

When he's still in Belgium, James Fenton tells her not to go back, as he won't go back either. But when she sees that there is no man in the D'Arcy Army who can support Jack, she decides to return. As they're both very adventurous, they end up crossing the line and meet and befriend each other.


Card Despair is a very fast paced story, with great action scenes and a lot of suspense. The character's actions are a good example of characters having motivations. However, I find that in general, the characters didn't develop. The main hero and his friends became boring after some time, and the developing story seemed to get detached from him, even though they had their own reason for going to war.