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Quality: Quality wood and craftsmanship are practically a given when you’re getting a clock from the Black Forest. However, it’s a good habit to make sure the wood is quality and the woodcarving is clean with no splinters. One of the most common woods used by Black Forest clockmakers is linden (also known as lime wood).

Many clocks sold in our Oktoberfesthaus store, such as the Schneider Deer and Rabbit Cuckoo Clock and the Schneider Beer Drinker Cuckoo Clock, are all made from Black Forest linden wood. Again, if your clock is an authentic certified Black Forest cuckoo clock, you won’t have to worry about researching this.

Options for Nighttime Shutoff

Is your clock going to wake you up in the middle of the night every hour? Make sure the clock you’re buying has a silent night mode. Most of the time, 8-day and Quartz clocks will have these. 1-day clocks often don’t. Be aware of that.

Return Policy

Cable Driven Westminster Chime Clocks         These grandfather clocks use a key to turn arbors located in the dial that are wound once a week to raise the weights that power the clock as they drop down during the week. The Westminster chimes will play a few notes on each quarter hour and then play the 1note melody on the hour, then count the hour. There is a lever on the dial to manually turn off the chimes at will. Your hands never touch the brass on this design.

How to Determine the Value of an Antique Clock

One of the first things you will discover as you start to research the value of an antique clock is that the same clock will actually have different amounts of value. This happens because the value of the clock depends on the purpose for the appraisal.


For example, an insurance appraisal for an antique clock might be based on the replacement cost of the clock if it was destroyed in a fire or stolen. The value would be based on the average retail sale price of the clock if it were purchased in good working condition, with guaranteed authenticity, from an antique clock dealer.

If you were to donate this same clock to a charity auction, the IRS might have yet another amount determined for the value of the clock as a tax deduction.

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Germany’s southwestern region known as the Black Forest or Schwarzwald has been producing authentic cuckoo clocks for nearly 300 years. Schwarzwald is the well established home of the cuckoo clock. Black Forest wood carvers and clockmakers alike are considered to be the best in the world. These past and present craftsmen built the standard by which all coo coo clocks are measured.

In an effort to preserve the art, integrity and standards of fine cuckoo clock making the Black Forest Clock Association was formed.  Also known as VdS or Verein die Schwarzwalduhr, this group of producers, traders, and cuckoo clock experts sought to formalize the strict practices the region is so well known for. Together they created a certification process designed protect the Black Forest tradition and represent quality around the world.