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Bio Statement When decorating the bathroom, it's easy to get caught up in the fixtures, the shower curtains and bathmats that you almost forget about all the options available when choosing bathroom mirrors. While some consumers have the luxury of selecting mirrors from the moment the house is built, most homeowners seem stuck with whatever the builder allotted them. When the time comes for a bathroom makeover, it can be a lot of fun to consider different mirrors to enhance the look of the room and help provide the oasis you desire.

WHAT illuminated mirrors TO PURCHASE?

In most instances, the mirror purchased should not be larger than the vanity itself. While there are some instances where this is not the case, ie when it's a very small vanity, this is a general rule most decorators follow. Another point to consider is whether you want to purchase two small mirrors to cover two sinks or one larger mirror that can suffice for both. There's no right or wrong answer to this issue, but when you want to give your room more dazzle, more glamor, you might want to go with two mirrors, perhaps long tall mirrors that emphasize the high ceilings.


When the homeowner is blessed with a long vanity, whether it have one or two sinks, decorators can make fun use of the wall space. Yes, you can simply go with one large mirror to cover the space, but where's the fun in that? Instead, you can choose to go with designer mirrors over each sink with coordinating sconces between them for an alternative lighting source. The effect is glamorous and classic. Sconces can also be used on a smaller mirror, illuminating each side of the one mirror. Keep in mind, you should have a mirror that's approximately 60-70% of the size of the vanity, leaving room for sconces on each side.

bath mirrors MIRRORS

It was mentioned above that traditionally, you don't purchase a mirror longer than the vanity. However to every rule, there's a reason to break it. If led bathroom mirrors have a small bathroom or simply want to make a dramatic statement, installing a wall-to-wall mirror will do the trick. It can extend over a small vanity and even the toilet to give a more spacious illusion.

Homeowners shouldn't feel forced into keeping the same old, plain mirror the builder assigned them. Updating mirrors is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to change the entire look of a room. Take a look at the tons of examples available in your local store.