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Overlooking the magnificent Arabian Sea at the end of Marine Drive in Mumbai is Hotel Marine Plaza, a trendy, 5 star hotel in Mumbai setting world class standards in hospitality and comfort. The staff of a boutique hotel ought to predict or ought to know in advance, the wants and needs of their guests rather than just responding it when asked to do so. Realizing what your guests want, when they want, how they want and presenting it in that way just before time is what makes a big gap in between a great service and a excellent service. A various idea for a vacation, a diverse believed for a remain, a distinct notion of entertainment or acquiring away from everyday life: the Boutique Hotel Ilio on Elba is not merely a hotel, but a new philosophy of a resort in continuous interchange with the surrounding nature and the environments that are part of it. An original and genuine place to enjoy the seaside in Tuscany. Boutique hotel resort trends have as their backbone, the capability

What Is A Boutique Hotel?