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Slot game on the planet of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak was initially made available in the free to play version that allows players to play the game and is considered to be a spiritual successor to the game released back in 1997. In this game, the player has the Slot online option to create a team consisting of seven to nine players, play as one of the races on the planet and fight in battle with its faction. However, on this modern day of online games, the player can also enjoy the animated versions of this game that can play in its entirety while it is accessible by the online users. To continue with the theme of the game, the animated Homeworld slot game was designed to attract more players as it portrays the same intensity of the real game.

The game was initially designed by the developers to keep the players interested as they are using the same tactics as in the actual game. It is also crucial for the developers to increase the gaming-style as in other games, the player does not need to worry about finding a decent speed or accurate aiming of the weapons. This is the reason that the designers decided to allow players to participate in the battle by participating in several activities and events. The first activity is the micro-races wherein the player gets to complete different tasks of the game. All the tasks of the race are based on the scale of the planet, so the player will be able to encounter the same type of challenge from the free to play version of the game.