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Bio Statement Why Do Federal Agencies Need to Review the Proposed Rule on Cockfighting?

You might ask, "If it's illegal, why would the Sabung ayam online government ever need to release an opinion on the topic?" Well, they need to do something they cannot do by themselves, and that's public opinion.

cockfighting opinion


For example, if the industry forces you to sell your food in a certain way, it will cause you to have fewer customers and affect your market-share in the process. If you can't guarantee them that they won't be able to eat your food without some risk of being injured, they won't buy from you. And that could lower your food-production costs, resulting in a loss of food and money for you. This is not an opinion, because it's a law.


Alcohol is known to cause drunk driving. Any law can be broken. And there are many states that do not allow consumers to legally sell alcohol to minors, especially in the legal drinking age of twenty-one. So, people who drink and drive face prosecution.