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Dansko selling slip resistant shoes? (Is it worth to try this brand?)

I know that Dansko is popular in the community of people working as cookers, nurses, chefs and salesmen. They buy Dansko shoes because it feels comfortable, eased and slip resistant. But are all of the Dansko shoes slip resistant?


Some of them are not… I find that their removable PU foam footbed is actually helping when the shock absorption is clearly sensed and the pressure we put on the feet cannot be felt when we put our feet in it. So after a few hours walking around, the shoes itself give the owners the same comfort as before we put this thing on. Even though your feet don't scream out loud when you are busy enjoying Dansko, the massaging techniques are still highly suggested to exercise after work if you one of the people who stand at least 4 hours a day. Read more on how to relieve foot pain from standing all day:

Most of us know that Dansko footwear has a wide recognition of bringing comfort, distinctive designs and the worth of money value to their customers. I have seen many retail salesmen wearing this brand to help their feet not to feel tired after a long day standing on their feet, the shoes definitely does an amazing job in preserving the brand's outstanding quality and constantly satisfy the buyer's urges of an items understanding and really taking a good care of their feet. For women and men, you will see there are buns of shoes and clogs under the Slip Resistant shoe section with multiple choices. For women, the shoe names we see are Coral, Camellia, Steffi, Edith, Patti, XP, Pro XP, Emma, Ellie, Willa, Shelly, Winona and Paisley.  


Among all, Paisley with waterproof leather uppers seems to stand out when your jobs make you work on a slippery surface or the fact that you need a pair of shoes that could save your time from washing and dry them when you got caught in the rainy season. Besides, the outsole made from Vibram rubber provides the high ability of slip resistance that it grips the floor at best, especially safe for chefs since the floor in the kitchen happens to be greasy most of the time. Similar to Paisley, the XP version is also a great option when its rubber outsole is also suitable when you usually move on dry, wet and oily surfaces. Have you ever had nocturnal leg cramps during the night? If yes is your answer, and if it happens pretty frequently, the shoes I chose to wear would be one of the factors I blame on for causing this matter. Dansko's for men are the ones which are suitable for office places, the design carries the sense of success toward the opposite people, drawing respect and caution to a powerful man from others. It could be the reason why these shoes are pricier than the other common brands like Skechers or Merrel. Or if you are looking for a more averaged price but looking awesome on you at the same time, click here to check out Nike slip resistant shoes for reference.  

The wide difference between Paisley and XP is that XP has the padded instep collar for extra comfort when walking, adding more credits to the scale of how worth to buy these shoes to the Dansko fans. From the look of the men's collection, apparently, more men will prefer Dansko since the designs are masculine and more aesthetic than those of women. The girlfriend going shopping with their men must be careful cause once your men see Vaughn, Wyatt or Justin styles, there comes the moment when everything becomes blurry except these guys. One thing for sure, Justin is beautifully classic. Not only being elegantly sophisticated and easing our feet thanks to memory foam, the shoes are also stain-and-water resistant. On the official website, Dansko is selling him at $175, a little bit overpriced compared to the other brands which also offer many choices of slip resistant shoes and clogs.  

Justin, Vaughn and Wyatt are pretty much alike, three of them are killers from the first sight, as well as warm and comfortable to have, how about Viktor? On the contrary, Viktor is the modern guy despite the name belonging to the old centuries, the durability is evaluated as extremely high and deserves to be on every guy's home's shoes rack. However, the size is a slightly smaller as many reviewers say that you should try at the store to avoid the possibility that it might squeeze your toes too hard. On the non-slip resistant sides, Dansko offers variable collections of different types and designs. In general, those are not suitable for chefs, nurses or janitors and the outsole is not made from rubber like the slip resistant ones. Salesmen or volunteers with difficult word feel free to wear them, but it is not advisable for doctor, nurses or cookers to do so, as you don't want to slip on the floor and get obstructions by the inconvenience caused by the shoes.


Besides Densko, Crocs, Merrel and OFOS are get noticed by their quality and affordable prices as well. These brands create a trend in the restaurant business where we often see chefs move around with their supporting "friends" in the kitchen. The work is hard, but with the help of these shoes, it is safe to walk at fast pace in their zone. Check out what and why you should choose these brands to wear when working at restaurants:

Long story short, Densko has always been the top brand for its quality and unique designs, with the amount paid for the benefits Densko brought to us, the shoes prove to be worth every single penny. The traction received from the slip resistant shoes is undeniably remarkable. Getting yourself one pair, you won't be able to be away from it.