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Stucker Kiara

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Sai is the newest artist to explode onto the music scene. He has created a unique sound that combines heavy synths and moving bass with atmospheric sounds, coupled with his smooth vocals to create an aural sensation on every track. In his debut, The Top, Sai has brought together a host of sounds to create a beautiful tale of triumph over adversity. The Top is well written and engaging, conjuring deep emotion from the very first listen. Sai’s music is not easily defined in a particular genre and each track seems to be varied in its style, from electronic roots, synth pop and even classical genres. Sai is not only a singer and also produces the music you hear on The Top. He is a musician at the core and uses his skills in multiple instruments to create the sounds for each of his songs. The Top by Sai has been hailed on Tuneloud, where a beautiful article goes in depth to describe Sai and his debut track, The Top, in great detail. The Top by Sai creates a lasting emotional effect on the listener as it describes a story of rising above the doubts and negativity of the world to make it to ‘The Top’. The Top by Sai is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. If you do not have a subscription to the above services, you can play The Top by Sai on YouTube. Find out more about Sāi on his official website or on Facebook or Instagram.