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Reginald Fred Sweet might be a seventy three-yr-prior past personal trainer who enjoys birdwatching, worship and exhibiting in the history on Television set. He is inspiring and shiny, but can even be seriously sadistic and likewise a bit cowardly. He is a French Christian who defines himself as bisexual. He started out out researching sports routines science at school but underneath no circumstances finished the course. He's a vegetarian who's allergic to shellfish. Bodily, Reginald is in superior problem. He is brief with olive skin, black hair and eco-friendly eyes. He has sticking-out-ears. He grew up within a Executing work training course neighbourhood. Following his mom died when he was younger, he was lifted by his father He's at this time one. His most recent romance was which has a journalist recognized as Damien Raphael Patterson, who was 13 yrs older than him. Damien died in 1995.The papers pointed out The key reason why for Dying: 'suicide' Reginald has 3 kids with two two numerous companions: late boyfriend Damien and late wife or husband Judith: Emmeline aged 30, Leroy aged 34 and Ernest aged forty two. Reginald's best friend is known as a former very own coach termed Andrea Morales. They get on very effectively as a rule. They respect concentrating on automobiles alongside one another.

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