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Hand saws are made up of metals or wire, which is purposely used to cut woods. They are mostly used with one hand because of their small size. They are energy consuming as more efforts are being applied in their usage. More ease movement of the saw along with the wood, especially when using a crosscut saw, grease or any other greasy materials are applied on both sides of the saw. They are easy to maintain and are also cheap to purchase. Thus, it is familiar with all the carpenters and wood carvers. An example includes: bow saw, coping saw, chop saw etc.

Workbench is the most important and the most fundamental tool or instrument needed as a woodworking tool. It is one of the most primitive tools as most woodworks are done on it. Because of its fundamentality, it is a necessary tool during woodwork; therefore, there's no choice as to either purchase it or not regardless of its price and cost. Firmness, stability and workspace are primary qualities of a suitable workbench and as such, good workbench should be built to stability, firmness and sufficient workspace.

Hand planes are one of the essential tools to a carpenter because if its soothing effect on woods. It is used for smoothing, proportioning and flattening of woods to the desired level of flatness. Example of this includes Jack planes, smoothing planes, jointed planes etc. It is necessary and often used in carpentry but slightly efficient in wood carving