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KISS FM United Kingdom is a party music radio station focused for audience under 30. With more than 4.6 Mio audience members per full week this is most likely one of the most well-known radio stations in the UK. It transmissions 24 hours a day and handles London, the East of England and the Western on FM radio frequencies. But it is also accessible on DAB, Sky, Freeview and Virgin mobile Media.They started transmissions in 1985 as a buccaneer radio and quickly captivated a lot of audience members. September 01, 1990 is the recognized birthday celebration of this radio station. At that day they acquired a permit and started transmission formally. Kiss FM UK is also well recognized for its live occasion called Kisstory which usually is structured several times per season. Kisstory takes location not only in your area but also trips to other nations around the world and chaste. This function currently visited Dubai, Ibiza, Mallorca. Their slogan is “The Beat of the UK” and the structure includes: • R&B