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Dirt Cheap Travel Guide is a travel blog dedicated to helping people travel the world on a low budget. We provide tips and tricks we have learned in years of traveling around the world for cheap so that others may do the same. Over time we have developed methods to make our money go farther when we travel, and we want to share what we’ve learned through articles, pictures and more. All advice we give is from personal experience, so we know it works. We provide travel itineraries, budgets, packings lists and advice to help travelers be as prepared as they can be when they go. We are all about traveling off the beaten path. We like to find the cheapest, most unknown places to travel to, while remaining on a budget. We especially like places that are taboo to the rest of the world, such as regions in the middle east. Often, we find the kindest, most heart-felt people in places that have a reputation for being scary and unsafe. Our target audience is young, active backpackers who like to travel for long periods of time without tours. Resorts are fine for some people, but we feel that they are too restricting and monotone, not to mention money-sucking. Instead, we like to experience the essence of the culture on a local level. There are real, simple ways to travel for cheap, so that even broke people like us can have adventures abroad. It means letting go of a little comfort and lowering standards in many cases, but the experiences are usually worth it. When we say we travel for cheap, we really mean at the most basic level. The hotels we stay at are usually unclean or unfunctional, and we eat mostly street food. We use local transportation which is usually both cheap and a true cultural experience. Because we don’t splurge on excess, we are able to travel cheap for months on end and yet still have a rich experience. Travel is one of the best educations a person can get. Learning about another culture from a textbook is profoundly different than immersing yourself within the culture. Learning the customs, habits and dialects of a culture can be fascinating, not to mention incredibly rewarding. In return, you can teach the new friends you’ll make about your culture. We suggest volunteering, couchsurfing, working abroad and other unconventional travel methods that are both integrating and will save money. We are able to travel 2-5 months out of the year, not because we are anything close to rich, but because we are smart about planning and budgeting and finding the perfect places to go that will allow us to travel within our means. First off, we choose some of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to, ensuring that our money goes as far as possible. We do extensive research on the places we go in advance, so that we can travel as effectively as possible. We’ve learned travel hacks to finding cheap flights, cheap places to stay and cheap food, and we write blog articles about it so that fellow travelers can try it, too. Traveling abroad is great, and we want to show people that no matter how rich or poor they are, they can travel within their means and still have a fantastic adventure.