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Taco 1900 series in line Centrifugal pumps The Taco 1900 series in line pumps are designed to be energy efficient and can fit anywhere in the piping layout. The Taco 1900 series is self supported by the piping and can be easily installed horizontally or vertically. The pump and sealed ball bearing motor maintenance free. Almost all the HVAC systems are designed in such a way that theykeep the building cool on the hottest days and warm on the coldest days. The Taco series pumps provide the ultimate pumps in terms of reliability as well as ease of installation for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer and water supply applications. It is easy to replace. It’s slip on shaft sleeves facilitates seal maintenance in the field and lowers maintenance costs. Taco 1900 serieshas exclusive and authenticdry shaft design which protects the shaft of the pump by eliminating contact with the circulating fluid, so the corrosion resistant materials are generally not required. Introduction/ Features Taco 1900 Series In line Centrifugal pumps are close coupled pumps which are designed to pump water through closed loop systems for potable water. The series is designed for applications that require more GPM flow with larger feet of head. It’s rear pull out feature allows servicing of the pump without disturbing system piping. It is also self supported requiring no additional strapping and can be mounted both ways either vertically or horizontally. Its permanently sealed grease lubricated ball bearings make Series 1900 virtually maintenance free. The innovatively designed mechanical seal combines all of the components of rotating element into one assembly making seal replacement a quick and easy job. All pumps of 1900 Series are furnished with ceramic seals so that they can meet the need of wide range of application. Factors which affect the performance and need to be considered while choosing a 1900 series in line Centrifugal pumps • Working fluid viscosity • Operating temperature and pressure • Net positive suction head and cavitation Instructions • Start up- Wire the motor according to the name plate specifications. • Seal replacement- Disconnect the electrical connections. Remove the motor and bracket assembly from the body of the pump. Place the bracket vertically with the impeller up and loosen the bolt at center of impeller. Remove the complete rotating element. Remove the stationary seat from the recessed end of the bracket. Clean the shaft sleeve and the seat cavity. Insert the new seat. Install the new rotating assembly. • Lubrication: The pump end requires no lubrication. The motor uses the permanently sealed bearings which do not need lubrication. • Motor replacement: Follow the first four steps under seal replacement. Remove the bracket from the motor. Loose the set screws and remove the shaft adaptor and sleeve. Clean the shaft sleeve. Insert the shaft adaptor onto the motor shaft. Tighten the screws and slide the bracket over shaft adaptor. Secure the motor. Benefits • The Taco 1900 Series Inline Centrifugal Pumps Allow differential pressure readings • It has a non-corrosive shaft sleeve which prevents the contact between shaft and system fluid. This feature eliminates the need of expensive corrosion materials. • The 1900 series offers superior parts flexibility • It’s one piece enclosed impeller assures long life and higher pump efficiencies. • It’s peculiar design of standard mechanical seal facilitates quick and easy replacement. • It has a maximum operating pressure of 175psi. It’s maximum operating temperature is 300-degree F. Importance of variable speed pumping. • It has an excellent performance as it has it’s method of pump balancing is more efficient. • It has a better system balancing as well as it eliminates valve blow by. • It gives the allowance for expansion and its better control prevents cavitation. • It has a longer life of equipment as it exerts minimum pressure on components and has a smaller pipe. • Chiller plant optimization- The less capacity goes further. Applications The 1900 series in line Centrifugal pumps are the most popular choice for fluid movement. It is a strong contender of many applications.Here are some of the major sectors that make use of these pumps. • Industrial and fire protection Industry: Boiler feed applications, pressure boosting, air conditioning, fore protection sprinkler system. • Waste management, agriculture and manufacturing- Wastewater processing plants, drainage, gas processing, flood protection and irrigation. • Various manufacturing industries like chemicals, industrial, pharmaceutical, Aerospace etc. for the space of refrigerants and cryogenics. In simple words, the 1900 series in line Centrifugal pumps is an undisputed pump choiceespecially for delivering liquid from one location to another in numerous industries like petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical etc. They are the best choice because they are the most suitable pumps for liquids with a relatively low viscosity that pours like water or like oil. It is a good quality pump with superior components ensuring efficiency and durability.

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