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S128 | Sabung Ayam Online

by Darwin Kodok (2020-01-14)

But just because you can't write an opinion s128 about the topic of cockfighting, that doesn't mean you shouldn't argue in favor of it. That's what the Food and Drug Administration does. They can actually write an opinion about something in the market and be very persuasive. You should not dismiss this, because there are many arguments that can be made. The FDA can just as easily write an opinion that is based on actual science and clinical studies.

But the Food and Drug Administration cannot say that cockfighting is in fact "not a good thing" or an "unhealthy practice" or whatever other opinion they like to think up. They can't do that. They are an agency of the government and they are entrusted to protect the public health.

However, you can write a legal opinion or anethical opinion or whatever. And you do not have to provide a statement of opinion to the FDA. You do not have to inform them, in writing, if you are a member of the cockfighting fan club. They cannot do anything about that, either.

But if you have to be responsible and even assertive, you can write a legal opinion about the pros and cons of cockfighting. If you think it would help convince others to support the use of cockfighting, you can write an opinion in support of cockfighting. Just remember to avoid wild-flowers, fist-fighting, or whatever other stunt that could be viewed as illegal. Just to be polite.