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Best Online Casino Games that You Should Try

by Kirishima Hiromi (2018-03-19)

Online casino betting is a one of a kind experience. This type of gambling game has thousands or maybe millions of online bettors all throughout the world. Online casino has different types of games to choose. All of the online casino games are so entertaining and fun to play. Among those games, there are 2 that can be considered as the best online casino games that you should try. And here in this post, those 2 online casino games will be discussed.


Fan-Tan is an online gambling game that is very popular and long played in China. This game also has some similarities to Roulette and can be played in any online casino sites just like in QQ808 top casino online betting games casino mobile in Malaysia. Fan-Tan is a casino card game wherein the players build on sequences of sevens.

In this game, there is an ordinary table that has a square mark. The table has 4 sides with 1, 2, 3, and 4 marks. The banker will put a small button on the table which he/she covers with a metal bowl called “Tank Koi.” The players will bet on any numbers. They can also bet on the corners like between No. 2 and no. 3. The moment when all bets are settles, the “Tan Kun” or the dealer will use a bamboo stick to remove the small buttons from the heap. If it contains 4 buttons, the one who placed the bets on No.4 wins, if three buttons, the bettor of No. 3 wins, if two buttons, the bettor or No. 2 wins, and if one button, the one who bet on No. 1 wins.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a casino game that is popular in Asian countries. In the early 20th century, the Chinese immigrants introduced this game to the US o the United States.

In this game, the players will place their bets on some areas of the table. The dealer or croupier picks up a small chest that contains the dice. The croupier will close the small chest and shake. To reveal the combination, the dealer will open the chest.

This betting information about the best online casino games is made for you to have an idea of the best games to try.