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Cell Phone Repair Fayetteville Tips to Find a Lost Phone

by Maynard Bojorquez (2020-01-21)

We all have had those mini heart attacks when we want to reach out for our in our pockets or in our bag and no matter how you have search through your hands in every corner, you just cannot seem to find your. So you cup your back pockets and still, no sign of your phone. You use your flashlight to look inside your bag and still, your phone is not there no matter what. So you panic, call your friends, and ask for help. But what is really the most logical thing to do in this situation?

From us here at cell repair Fayetteville in NC, we all know how it feels like to be in this situation therefore we can give you tips on how to deal with it.

Try your hardest to remember where you last put it

If you are out in a bar or in the mall, be sure to always remember where you remember you started using your first and where you remembered you last held or used it, this key information will surely come in handy. At this point, you can even ask your friends if they remember any vital information about you and your phone.

Call your phone

When until now, you still have not found your phone yet, you will need to use somebody else's phone to call it. If you cannot seem to borrow someone's phone, use a payphone, use your Google account to call your phone, this feature is actually available and only a few people know about it. However, keep on calling your phone from time to time to keep track on your progress. If by this time your phone stops ringing and it says it is out of coverage area, then this means your sim may have been taken out already by whoever found it.

Have your friends to text your phone

Do not give up! Inform your friends right away that your is missing and ask them to text your phone by pleading the one who found it to return it or text back to the following numbers. I used to do that when I lost my twice and it really worked!

Use third-party phone locators

So far on what we know here at cell phone repair Fayetteville NC is that Windows is the only brand of phone which has a built-in lost feature that will come with the latest Windows 8.1 models, especially the latest ones. You can do this by simple visiting the Microsoft devices page from another device and view the list of all the devices that you own. Then use the location service to track down the location of your lost. iPhone has a third-party app called Find My iPhone app whereas Blackberry also has its own Berry locator which will surely come in handy.

If you have any sort of questions pertaining to where and how you can use UBreakiFix fixes electronic devices its in our name, you can contact us at the site. Hopefully these tips will definitely help you out when you find yourself in a situation where you lost your . Here at cell repair Fayetteville, we will always lead you to the right answers and life hacks!

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