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talent corp

by Jared Josephson (2019-07-27)

Direct Placement
Electrical Talent is the premier company for locating the perfect electrical personnel for your organization. With 50+ years of combined experience in the electrical industry, Electrical talent corp understands your requirements, and Offers Premium Candidates that suit your needs.
Immediate Availability
We have qualified candidates available to begin your selection process today!
Candidates are Pre-Screened
Electrical Talent has already performed a background check, reference check, and skills assessment, saving you time, energy, and money.
Just Tell Us What You're Looking For!
We can begin our partnership today, and fulfill your placement needs with talented personnel in short order.
Hire With Confidence
Be assured that when you choose to hire one of our candidates, you're getting the best of the best!
Minimize Schedule Interruption
Add a skilled electrical professional to your team, without the usual interruptions that typically come with interviews and the decision making process.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Electrical talent corp will find the perfect fit for your open position, or keep looking, gua

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