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Double Penetration Strap

by Sandy Juan (2019-07-24)

Selecting a dildo sex toy can be very overwhelming. If you use a butt plug, both of your hands will be free to operate the sex toy you're using on your vagina. Combining stimulation of the clitoris with double penetration can result in a triple pleasure - and the kind of orgasms that shake you to your very core.

The first time you use your dildo, you'll probably want to let yourself get turned on before diving in with penetration. CyberSkin is porous and, as with jelly rubber toys, we recommend using condoms with your CyberSkin dildos. Glass dildos are easy to clean and last for a long time because they are not porous.

Being able to choose what goes where will be very important for any aspiring DPist, and with this versatile toy, they can do just that - the ring can be worn either on top of or underneath the penis, so it can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration while the male partner can take care of the other end of the deal.

Most people use dildos for penetration, and often favour an in-adam and eve challenge-out thrusting motion. Often coming as two balls or eggs connected by a sturdy Nylon cord, these sex toys can be used for sole pleasure or by both partners synchronously. Dildos, dongs and strap ons are some of the most popular sex toys on the market and all of them bring that feeling of having a penis-filled vagina or rectum without the penis.

If you want added stimulation, some silicone dildos also come with a bullet vibrator, which vibrates throughout the entire toy. Learn all our naughty secrets with the Help with Men's Sex Toys expose. Some double penetration vibrators have anal beads sticking out from the shaft for triple stimulation.