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The War Against Free Google Play Gift Card Codes Apk

by Raul Hides (2019-07-08)

The free ones offer you basic functionality, but if you pay the in-app buy, you have to unlock the superior features. The app charge can be easily added to a monthly bill, making it more convenient, but the amount shortly becomes more than you're willing to pay.

Now, it's totally justified for programmers to charge for the programs that they have grown but what if you couldn't afford to devote all on digital products!

Lucky for you, there's a way to prevent the majority of these fees, and that is by earning and obtaining free Google Play gift cards that you can use to invest on the many excellent apps and games.

Which are Google Play present card codes & How they work?

You might or might not have discovered on Google Play present cards, but they are primarily for buying most of the things from the Google Play Store including Movies, Books, Music too.

When you have sufficient credits from the card, you can use them to purchase programs or unlock the superior uses. You are able to use even them as presents for your family and friends as gifts on various occasions.

Unlike other gift vouchers or cards, Google Play codes never expire so you can store them up until you would like to obtain an expensive program or matches as many as you desire.

Now, you can either buy the Google Play present cards online, but that requires you to pay from your credit card, which requires personal information.

The way to receive free Google Play codes?

We know that no one likes to be responsible for the programs or anything (so long as the item is physical) but imagine if you could make free Google Play present cards.

The most common criticism among Android programmers was the lack of promo codes for Google Play. Apple/iOS had this for years, where devs could share promo codes to offer discounts/apps for free, but Google pulled their feet repeatedly. Well, to my surprise that I admit, Google began rolling out Promotions (starting January 15, 2016), a new method for devs to make promo codes and discuss people with followers. NOTE: The Google Play redeem codes under are liberated promo codes that unlock paid/IAP apps or games, these aren't gift cards!

Below is a listing of free Google Play promo codes for Android programs and games. If you're a programmer don't hesitate to add your app/game for this list along with Google Play promo codes others can utilize. Should you include at least 100 promo codes you'll be featured to the main page of the listing.

1. Click on Add to List

2. Click on the Add Text icon

3. In the end you can set a brief description about the app/game.