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by Pamela Pape (2020-01-10)

3ba6d429068005.55e03e56b6a12.pngClassifying other players in your games requires a system of note taking that may quickly inform you of the kind of opponents that you'll be facing. In online poker, note taking is fairly easy in order that you may classify a player and use that information at a later time.

You can find two areas of classification that should be looked at first. They can be the passive-aggressive rating and loose-tight rating.
To easily adjust to the kind of play that an opponent is likely to do, you will need a system of note taking that is easy to remember and record.
Among the easiest that I have found will be the alphanumeric system. With this system, you assign letters for the degree of passive-aggressive play and numbers for the amount of loose-tight play.

Passive-Aggressive Rating

The passive player is just one that never raises but tends to call. The aggressive player is just one that consistently raises whenever he is in a pot. All players fall into one of these categories to some extent. Knowing what that extent is, tells you what sort of player he is.

For recording this type of play I assign letters from A to E.

"A" will be the most passive player and "E" the most aggressive player. So if a player were somewhat aggressive you would assign him the letter "C", meaning that he isn't aggressive all of the time but that he isn't overly passive.

Loose-Tight Rating

The loose player is just one that plays in numerous pots. He tends to call or raise every blind. The tight player only plays in a couple of pots. Again all players fall somewhere in one of these categories.

For recording this kind of play I assign numbers from 1 to 5.

The number "1" will be for the tightest player and "5" for the loosest player. As such, if a player played a typical number of hands (one of every three hands) you assign him the number "3", meaning that he saw the flop about 30% of the time.

Remember when assigning these ratings to do it in reference to the game you normally play in. Put simply, provide the loosest player within your regular game a 5 as well as the tightest player a 1 and use them as a benchmark for all of the other players. This is also true for the passive and aggressive players.

When you first sit in a game look for any notes you have on the additional players. Then watch them play to find out should they still match what you've got written about them. This is important as people usually change their style of play before long.

Another thing to look for, which only happens in online gambling play, is the player that plays at more than one table. These players tend to play a clear-cut game, because they have to watch more than one game. I usually put a "+" sign in their notes to show this.

After you have mastered this system, you shall find that you'll invent more codes to give you more information about each player.