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This dude embedded a Tesla key in his hand to unlock his Model 3

by Latashia Alcock (2020-01-08)

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Remember when a new car came with two keys? One to physically unlock the door and another to insert and turn the engine over? My, how far we've come. Today, we have smart keyless entry, can unlock and 수술없이 가슴 성형 효과 start cars from a smartphone and even wave our hands to gain access to a vehicle.

The latter point is experimental, and not common. Yet, Ben Workman is all about the experimental lifestyle. Local Fox affiliate Fox 13 reported Sunday that Workman went through all the trouble of implanting the RFID chip from his Tesla Model 3's key card into the back of his hand.

Now, all he needs to do is press his hand against the Model 3's door pillar and boom -- he's in.