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New study confirms the minimal impact of games on the level of gamers aggression

by Annie Stones (2019-12-26)

Analyzing the recent tragic events in the American El Paso, the media is again trying to find the perpetrators. Of course, in the most unexpected places.

For many years, computer and video games have been the subject of controversy in the context of their impact on the human psyche and the increasing level of violence in the world.

Dan Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, made his point unequivocally: "we have always had weapons, and evil has always existed, but now I see computer games that teach children to kill."

Psychologists, in turn, decided to focus on finding a real connection between aggression and games (including PC games, video games, 3D games, online games etc). Using various methods, they tried to assess how games with and without violence affect the average user.

As noted in the analysis of other studies of this type, researchers often forget to take into account other factors, such as the place of residence of participants, their financial situation, etc.this time, a large database with hundreds of studies was taken, which would exactly help to find confirmation of popular theses.

But as it turned out, none of the study could not find a clear correlation between increased aggression and playing games. The same Mortal Kombat, even if it affects the level of aggression, gives a minimal change, even from a scientific point of view.

So, you can run GTA and relax, killing everyone? Do not worry: virtual shooting will not harm your psyche ... unless you are already an aggressive sociopath.