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by Estella Marko (2019-12-18)

There are numerous distinctions between online poker and live casino poker, also referred to as B&M or "Brick and Mortar" poker. Are the rules of the game any different? No, but you will find some matters you should remember when transferring your virtual chips onto real life felt or vice versa.


Online, you don't give any. It's among the big advantages of online gambling site play and one reason some pros prefer the net to B&M. If you do play in a B&M casino, you should be aware of what is expected. Almost all people tip whenever they win a pot. The amount varies according to the stakes of the game you are playing but it is usually in the neighborhood of a dollar. Professional player Mike Caro feels this penalizes looser players since, as a result of the very fact that they pay more pots, they win more pots and as a consequence tip more. If you feel you are this sort of player, he advocates giving the dealer a set amount as a tip as soon since they sit down to deal, making it clear that you tip in advance and not per pot. Typically however, throwing the dealer fifty cents or possibly a dollar when you win a pot is the accepted practice. Some players like to tip more should they win a big pot or caught some miraculous draw. You are certainly not obligated to tip and no one should give you a hard time in the event that you don't, nevertheless they might and you will probably generate some really good will from the dealer and the other players who are tipping should you. The additional casino personnel, cocktail waitresses, chip runners, floor people etc, also appreciate a tip for good service.

Eating and Drinking

Well, you know it's okay at home online, but guess what? It's okay at the casino, too! In a traditional Las Vegas casino where poker is only a small section of the games offered, you will not see too much eating at the table, but drinking is no problem (although in the event you are drinking, your bankroll will thank you if you remain away from the alcoholic stuff). At Card Clubs that cater primarily to poker players, eating at the table is commonplace (not on the table, you will find side tables for this purpose). If you are at a casino that features food service, you'll find just a couple of things to remember. One, do not slow up the game. If you can't put down your sandwich (which was actually invented so one could eat and play cards at the exact same time) to act on your hand, ask for an "out" button and put off playing until you are finished. In the event you can walk and chew gum at the same time, feel free to keep playing (but bear in mind that if you stop eating a great meal to get involved in a hand, people are probably going to suspect you have something good). Additionally, be sure to wipe your hands before touching your cards. No one likes to pick up their cards and obtain a handful of grease together with them.


Online, there is normally a convenient filter that replaces your expletive with some nice non-confrontational asterisks. Remember, a live game can offer no such protection. Make an attempt to control your language when playing in a B&M casino. The "F-word" is particularly frowned upon and in some casinos you might be required to step away from the table when you use it. A popular tournament rule in effect currently requires a time penalty for using the "F-word," so it can prove to be both rude and expensive.