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Human Resource Help

by Linnea Shuler (2019-12-11)

564Many people have often heard of it but many still wonder, what is human resource management? In its most basic sense, it really is the process employed by businesses to deal with their people, who are considered human resources. This management pervades every aspect related to people e.g. recruitment, selection, payroll, performance management, training as well as the like.

Every company in existence today implements some sort of HRM due to the advantages linked to it. By opting to govern itself outside of HRM policies and procedures, a company is just about signing its own death sentence. Among the first things a business bound for success should do is hire its human resources manager.

The head of the HRM department is the human resources manager which will be the person that is seen to be at the helm of a steadily controlled ship. This is the person who makes what is national HR functions management a workable system rather than just a list of company processes. Several of the most critical functions of an HRM include the next:

Institutes policies and procedures that will be specific to a company and its people but also adheres to labour law and regulations. This protects the company and its staff.

Establishes systems and processes that control staff e.g. regulations regarding breaks, leave, punctuality and also the like.

Evaluates systems and makes recommendations on improvements.

Makes rules and guidelines regarding recruitment and selection in accordance with the company's value system and requirements.

Serves as a representative for the human resources department of the company.

Provides reports on all aspects of HRM function to individuals that require it.

Implements training and skills development systems for employees.

Heads up assessment of employees.

Implements company wide performance management strategies.

Deals with employee grievances involving policies, procedures, payroll, leave and every other aspect that is people oriented within the company.

By looking at the above mentioned functions, you may see that the role of a human resources Manager covers every possible area of HRM in a business. They are the individual that makes sure everything runs the way it really is supposed to; an integral bridge between management and employees that no company can successfully do without.

With regard to laws and regulations, human resource management helps a company keep to legislation in relation to its employees. This works from how recruitment and selection takes place to how the employees are treated, the environment they work in and all the safety and health regulations.

Policies, procedures as well as other systems work to manage the staff in order that the company functions as a cohesive unit. This is beneficial to the company in that its human resources get to be the engine that drives the brand.

Asking what is human resource management? is similar to asking how essential is it? and what good is a company that chooses not to apply HRM in almost any way, shape or form? The answer is that HRM is integral to the success of the company and its people.