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by Edgardo Crommelin (2019-11-23)

Are you a web page owner or a web designer/developer? If either applies, I would venture to say that eventually you are going to need an shopping on-line cart for one of your web pages. In fact, virtually all new web sites today need some sort of ecommerce built-in, for the point of selling goods and services in the online marketplace.

The greatest challenge is to discover the perfect ecommerce shopping cart solution for yourself and/or your client. This task may be very overwhelming, considering, if you type 'shopping cart' into, this search alone returns over 14.4 million hits! Most of us do not have the time for you to sift through more than a number of pages of a search engine to find what we're searching for.

For the final 3 months, much of my time has been devoted to researching as much shopping cart technology as I could get my hands on. In general, shopping cart software ranges in price from free to around $2000 for a single license and web hosted carts range from $5 to hundreds of dollars per month. The studied carts cover the spectrum of all web programming languages (ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Flash, Java, JavaScript & Perl shopping carts) and provide limitless features as a whole. The problem is that locating YOUR perfect cart with YOUR specific features may be a big task.

But no fear, just follow this guaranteed step by step guide to locate it:

The amount of money do you need to spend on an internet shopping cart? The nice advantage is the fact that you'll find shopping carts with hundreds of features and they do not cost you a dime. They may be generally open source products. The only problem is that these same "free shopping carts" may take hours of installation time and be fairly difficult to configure. For a monthly fee, web hosting shopping carts are designed for users with little programming experience and allows them to have an online storefront presence in no time.

You will find two options in selecting your overall shopping cart solution. Either you get shopping cart software, download it, install it on your web server, then configure the shopping cart OR you get an online storefront (aka a hosted shopping cart) where the configuration is quite basic and the required setup time is minimal. Should you have some programming skills, I recommend buying a script and installing it on your own. The nice thing is the fact that you pay a one-time fee for shopping cart software as well as the license is nice for a lifetime. It's approximately the exact same price to possess a hosted solution for over a year compared to most one time shopping cart license fees.

What do I mean by gateways? Gateways give shopping carts the ability to connect and securely process credit-card orders in real-time. Not all shopping carts are created equal. Make certain that your particular client's merchant account is supported through the cart you select. I have found that almost all carts support the larger online payment processing companies, for example, PayPal and Verisign.

Are you shipping physical products? If for this reason, there are actually shopping carts which have built-in real-time shipping options through DHL, UPS And USPS. Often times, the cart gives the user the capability to view tracking orders and order status all from within your secure shopping cart web interface. Moreover, there are actually shopping carts with options to ship digital goods also (files, programs, pictures, music and others).

What kind of technical support does your shopping cart offer? If you decide to buy a script, be sure to also subscribe to the shopping cart creator's newsletter, so that you may stay in addition to future updates to the software. Be aware that technical support will be available on a pay-per-incident basis, as a yearly fee or in the rare case, free. Be sure you determine what sort of customer support guarantee the shopping cart comes with.

Please, only buy a shopping cart if it supports SSL (secure socket layer), with 128-bit encryption. As an online storefront, understand that you are accountable for the safe transfer of sensitive information (card and banking account information) that is processed through your store. If any of the sensitive information is accessible (stolen) through your website, best product reviews you may be liable. Make certain that you are purchasing a safe and secure shopping cart solution. Ask the creator's of the shopping cart what they do specifically to protect the secure transfer of sensitive information.

Can you customize your shopping cart to look like your webpage? There needs to be a seamless transition between your website as well as your shopping storefront or your customers could easily get hesitant in purchasing your products. There should be similar colors and style layout to look professional and believable.