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F1 Betting: Korean Grand Prix Picks

by Colette Kingston (2019-11-18)

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pyramide-du-louvre.jpg?width=746&format=Jeffrey Wammes, FX: Arabian double pike to half assed scissone. Front double full to front layout full, small hop. Layout Thomas. Splits (crowd gasps -- that looks like it hurts!) Whip to tucked Thomas. pair of.5 to front half, thu tuc di du hoc nhat ban almost OOB. Triple full, big advancement. 14.33.


Samuel Piasecky, PB: One more toyota recall man who isn't clean-shaven.overbalances a peach full a very small. English handstand to two inside Diamadovs, takes an intermediate swing. Goes off onto one rail, tries to Proof of financial study abroad straddle up and looks OK, but just opts to leap off.

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Guo Weiyang, PH: Weak scissor to handstand states (not quite in handstand, you see). Hit routine I think, though I missed closing module bit of the usb ports. 15.166.

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Feng Zhe, HB: Tak half to layout Tkatchev, Tak full to Yamawaki were the highlights go to study abroad in korea of this routine. Went for a double double layout, landed short as well as set his completely.

Wu Liufang, BB: Wu is as hot pink shouldered number the Chinese wore in Rotterdam. That just as pink in person as on TV, permit me to tell individuals. Wolf, Teza split with her head in return. Fall on roundoff, layout to 2 feet from the bat! Front aerial, bhs, layout. Full turn. Switch, back pike. Side aerial, a little check. Double pike with a small go. Too bad, too bad, to bad this time.