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Why are Pakistanis so proud

by Jed Pickering (2019-10-29)

Because we rmr our independence from braitain and made our own country from afghanistan india and iran I hope this answer helped you

Are pakistanis proud?
Yeah I live in new york and so many pakistanis are so proud of their culture,every pakistani should be proud of what they are,beautiful country,with beautiful,and with beautiful people.

Are Pakistanis proud of their nationality?
Most Pakistanis are proud of their sub-nationality (like Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashtun, Baloch etc) instead of Pakistani nationality.

What is people in Pakistan religious beliefs?
Most of Pakistanis are Muslims. People following other religions are also proud Pakistanis. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, live together with Pakistanis.

Why do Pakistanis pride themselves a lot?
Because we are proud of having our own beautiful country.......with a beautiful culture.

Do Pakistanis cross the Indian border?
Well there are Pakistanis who live in India so maybe.

Are Pakistanis killing Blacks in UK?
Pakistanis & Blacks in UK get along very well so no.

Why are most Pakistanis so mean?
It is the environment and atmosphere some Pakistanis live at or just the lifestyle where they grew up.

Why Pakistanis are so annoying?
Nobody's annoying:)

Why Pakistanis are cool?
Because Pakistanis are a mix of every race. Pakistanis are cool because Pakistanis are the best dancers. Pakistanis are cool because were good at cricket. Pakistanis are cool because were talented and because we are a mixed race.

Are Pakistani people good at cricket?
Yes Pakistanis are very good at cricket because Pakistanis are very good and fast in bowling they're even quick when they toss the ball towards the bat so yes Pakistanis are good at cricket.

Why do Pakistanis have so many kids?
To keep their family pure.

Why do most Pakistanis talk so mean?
Language I guess.

What percent of Pakistanis practices Islam?
About more than 85% Pakistanis 'claim' to practice Islam but actually a very few do so in letter and spirit. It is the height of hypocrisy.

Why Pakistanis litter?
Some ppl are just too lazy to throw their trash away therefore they start littering. I've seen many Pakistanis in Australia that litter. Because you rarely find trash cans in Australia so therefore Pakistanis start littering trash on the ground. As nd Australians as well. Pakistanis do have littering problems in Dubai.

Why can you call Australians aussiesbut not Pakistanis pakis?
Pakistanis are called as Pakis,it is a short form for Pakistanis.

What are the clothes of Pakistan?
I think you want to ask that what kind of clothes Pakistanis wear. The Villagers wear Kurtas, Shalwar. Pakistanis belonging to City or town areas wear paint shirts. Because, Pakistan is a big country so, variety of dresses worn by Pakistanis.

What made Pakistanis so awesome?
Our independence from India and Great Britain.

What are Pakistanis known for?
Pakistanis are known to be good at boxing good at cricket. And Pakistanis are also hardworking people.

Why are Pakistanis better at boxing then Indians?
It's because Pakistanis have more athletic body while Indians are more into education. Pakistanis have shorter upper body & longer legs which then it gives them the ability to box swim run jump & even play good cricket. So yes Pakistanis are good at boxing Amir Khan is also an example for his fast & quick hands.

Are pakistanis half black?
Well Pakistanis do have black in them.

Why are Pakistanis called Pakistanis?
Because the country they are from is called Pakistan. The Demonym for a person from Pakistan is Pakistani therefore "Pakistanis are called Pakistanis". The name has nothing to do with ethnicity as it is a multi-ethnic country and there is no group of people called "Paks" or "Pakistanis" based on tribal or ethnic grounds.

How do you say your son will be so proud of you in maori?
We are proud of you

What percent of Pakistanis are happy from their life?
What % of Pakistanis are happy from their life

Do Pakistanis worship Allah?
Not all of them are Muslims, so not all would worship Allah

Are Pakistanis cool?
I'm Pakistani and I think every Pakistanis are cool.

Do Pakistanis call themselves Persians?
Yes Pakistanis are called as Persians.

Who lives in Pakistan?
Pakistanis live in Pakistan , Most Pakistanis are Muslim .

What are Pakistanis famous for?
Pakistanis are famous for RMR-86 mold remover hard working and well educated.

Do Pakistanis drive BMW?
Yeah most cars Pakistanis love to drive is a sports car. And most Pakistanis I see drive around luxury sport sedan and mainly BMW. I guess BMW is a favorite car for the Pakistanis:)

Are Pakistanis Asian?
Answer One:yes, because Pakistan is in the Asia continent. However the term "Asian" in America is use only for East and Southeast Asian people such as ( Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Thailand)etc. Pakistanis are South Asians, so it would puzzle people to refer to a Pakistani as Asian, however it would 100% and justifiable to do so. To the person above who says Pakistanis are culturally Middle Eastern, that's incorrect. Actually Pakistanis are culturally more like...

Are British Pakistanis terrorists?
no british pakistanis is not terrorist.He is very honest persons.

What religion are most Pakistanis?
i believe most pakistanis are Muslim or of Muslim ancestry

Why do most Pakistanis act black?
Pakistanis have a mixture of African black ancestry in them.

Why are pakistanis so cool?
we are a mix of the best of every race.Our legal drinking age is 18.

How do say i am so proud of you?
Im so proud of you, usually in a show off voice or sarcastic (when being sarcastic)

How many Pakistanis live in England?
800,000 I think who are Pakistani or are descended off Pakistanis

What percent of Pakistanis are Muslims?
According to the 2009 Pew Report, 96.3% of Pakistanis are Muslim.

Why are Pakistanis so good at boxing?
Because us Pakistanis are very strong & born to be brave. Pakistanis have longer athletic legs and smaller body from the upper part. With these long legs Pakistanis are very talented and athletic that they can dance very well, swim good, good at cricket, run fast, wrestle like a man, & also it can give us a good advantage to box. Pakistanis are very athletic when it comes to sports. Yes us Pakistanis are very...

Why the Pakistanis so bad at driving?
I dont think all of them are bad. Everybody has their own style of driving.

Why are Pakistanis so hot?
Its because we have alot of good looking people who know how to take care of our looks

Why India hate Pakistan?
Indians do not hate Pakistanis but Indian politicians do hate Pakistanis politicians

What percent of Pakistanis have Internet facility at their home?
20 % students 5 % Pakistanis have Internet facility

Are Pakistanis leaving India?
No there are many Pakistanis weather Pathans or az sindhis that live in India.

Are Pakistanis just tan whites?
Pakistanis are a mix of Whites, Dravidians, Mongoloids, Blacks, & Arabs.

Should you be proud of being gay?
Yes you should be proud of being gay. Be proud of yourself for being a kind, understanding considerate person to others, not because of your sexuality. You are who you are so be proud of it.

How Pakistani culture is affected by Indian cultures?
Pakistanis are the same as Indians. Pakistanis are generally Muslim, while Indians are generallALY HINDU. Pakistanis are less fatter than Indians and more taller!.

What actors and actresses appeared in I Am So Proud of You - 2008?
The cast of I Am So Proud of You - 2008 includes: Don Hertzfeldt as Narrator

What do pakistans eat for dinner?
Variety of dishes are normally utilized by Pakistanis for their night meal. Rice, Roti (Wheat) and Saalan (Curry) are routine meals. There are hundreds of ways to cook these items. So, we can't limit that what food is taken by Pakistanis as their dinner.

Why are Pakistanis such bad drivers?
Because most Pakistanis are used to driving on the right side then on the left side.

What are the differences between the Amish and the Pakistanis?
Pakistanis are from Pakistan, a country in Asia, while the Amish are a Christian denomination.

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