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Official Betting Partner Of The Kentucky Derby

by Weldon Mcnabb (2019-08-31)

bettingThe Kentucky Derby is the most popular betting race in the United States - not surprising given that the Derby is the one horse race nearly everyone can name. Below, learn about the numerous opportunities for fans and horseplayers to support their favorite horse(s) in the Kentucky Derby! Where to start betting the Derby? Accessing our betting options with our free registration is where you will want to get started.

By signing-up, you gain access to our race replays, handicapping products and most importantly; the ability to participate in our betting promos and bonuses! For people who have never bet on a horse, it may seem too daunting to make a wager, especially with 20 horses likely to start. For people wanting to start early and possibly secure better odds now, than at post time as horses enter the starting gate, the Kentucky Derby Future Wager is a great option.

The future bet is open during four different periods- usually in November, February, March, and April - as the Kentucky Derby prep races are running. The KDFW itself is pari-mutuel, 안전놀이터 with Win and Exacta options offered. Fields for each installment of the KDFW are selected by a panel of racing experts and handicappers. The final field for the Kentucky Derby is created as the post-position or barrier draw is completed by Monday or Tuesday afternoon of Derby week. Betting becomes available close to 24 hours prior.

Win: - Bet on the horse you think you will win the Kentucky Derby. This bet gets you a return if your selection finishes first or second. Betting that your horse will finish first, second, or third. Predict the first two horses in the correct order. Predict the first three horses in the correct order. Predict the first four horses in the correct order. Predict the first five horses in the correct order.

Kentucky Oaks (May 5) and the Kentucky Derby (May 6), 안전놀이터 where players try to predict the winner of both races. The Kentucky Derby is America’s most wagered-on horse race and presents numerous opportunities for life-changing scores. In addition to the traditional "straight" wagers (Win, Place, Show), fans can also attempt to cash big in the various "exotic" pools. We have more guides, tips and tricks for learning how to handicap in our free online betting guide library.

Alos, read through many of horse racing's betting terms. There are many ways to handicap a horse race, and there are no shortages of opinions or angles when it comes to handicapping the Kentucky Derby and the numerous prep races leading up to the Run for the Roses. Handicapping horses and the races takes much time, research and intuition.