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What is best two stroke or four stroke engines

by Emilia Evergood (2019-08-16)

You cannot classify one as "better" than another. Best in terms of what? Efficiency? Power? Maintenance? etc.

5057409613_e8dcf1f72c_b.jpgthe two-stroke motor complete with a tuned resonance pipe will give superior specific-power over its four-stroke counterpart over a very limited rev range. The two stroke motor makes one power pulse for every rotation of the crankshaft, so a 2-stroke motor will make more torque (and consequently, power) than a 4-stroke motor of the same displacement. This comes at a price, however. The 2-stroke powerband is much more peaky, while the 4-stroke powerband is much more torquey; meaning that the 4-stroke is much more liveable when used in a vehicle, for example. Furthermore, because the 4-stroke motor "breathes" better -- it actually uses the motion of the crankshaft to force air out of the motor whereas the 2-stroke uses the intake charge to accomplish the same task -- it has much better cylinder-scavenging leading to better economy. The combustion is also more cleanly regulated leading to lower emissions. Finally, there is no crankcase with which to contain the oil, so lubrication must be accomplished with the fuel. This means complete combustion of oil and much poorer engine lubrication. This equates to frequent rebuilds.

In short:

2 stroke = more power, less displacement and weight

4 stroke = more uniform powerband, greater economy

What is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke lawn mower engine?
Four-stroke engines have a spout where you add oil to the engine. On two-stroke engines, oil has to be added to the fuel. (Four-stroke and two-stroke are also called four-cycle and two-cycle, respectively).

How do you make 4 stroke fuel?
The fuel used for both four stroke and two stroke engines is the same: gasoline. Two stroke engines require a small amount of two stroke oil be added to the fuel.

Are the tug boat engines are two stroke or four stroke?
All tug boat engines are four stroke engines, because this engine responces quickly in relation to maneuvering this kind of boat in any situation.

Why 2 stroke diesel engines are not used in two wheelers?
Two stroke engines will create a lot of visible smoke pollution and also more noise than four stroke engines. For these reason, many countries have required that all new motorcycles should be four-stroke.

Why you prefer four stroke engine over two stroke engine?
Four stroke engines are quieter than two strokes, but have less power.

Will four stroke oil damage two stroke engine?
You can use four stroke oil for a (very) limited period in a two stroke engine in an emergency. However it is not formulated for two stroke engines and is not recommended.

Are kawasaki motorcyles two stroke or four stroke?
Assuming you are referring to a street legal motorcycle (IE: Kawaski Vulcan, Ninja, etc.) these machines have four stroke engines. Dirt Bikes and such sometimes do not. Two-stroke engines generally use a fuel+oil mixture. (Such as a weed whacker) Four stroke engines generally have an oil sump. (Like a car)

Four-stroke cycle engines are more fuel efficient than two-stroke engines?
Unless we are talking about big diesels - Yes.

Distinguish 2 stroke from 4 stroke lawn mowers?
Four-stroke lawn mowers have a tube where you add oil to the engine. On two-stroke engines, oil has to be added to the fuel. (Four-stroke and two-stroke are also called four-cycle and two-cycle, respectively).

What is the difference between two stroke and four stroke engines in two wheelers?
The difference between 2stroke engines and 4-stroke engines are pretty much the same regardless of where the engine is used. To read about it, check out the related question below.

In two stroke engine Crankshaft how many revolution takes place?
A two stroke engine has half the strokes of an otto (or four stroke) engine, therefore it takes two crankshaft roatations to complete a cycle on a four stroke engine and only one revolution in a two stroke engine. There are several types of two stroke engines, the different types have to do with how the receive the air/fuel mixture, also you have two stroke diesel engines.

What are advantages of two stroke engines over four stroke engines?
There are a couple, less parts for one therefore lighter. Also, 2 stroke engines fire every time the piston comes to the top. Which means every stroke is a power stroke. 4 stroke engines fire every other time.

Two stroke engines pollute the air more than four stroke engines?
Yes, two stroke (or Two cycle) engines have oil that is mixed into the fuel to lubricate the motor's moving parts. Where as, in a 4 stroke engine the oil is separate from the fuel. When the fuel oil mix is burned in a two cycle engine more pollution is given off.

Why two stroke engines are hi-speed engines and four stroke engines are hi-torque engines?
generally , two strokes are smaller capacity , shorter stroke, higher revs. for given engine capacity , long stroke /small bore = high torque / low revs short stroke/big bore = low torque / high revs

Why do most very small engines operate on 2 stroke?
Most small engines are two stroke because you can get more power from a smaller engine with two stroke rather than a four stroke engine. It takes less to cool and to operate the engine.

Why four stroke engines used in two wheelers instead of two stroke?
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Does a chainsaw have a two stroke engine?
Yes, most chainsaws do have two stroke/cycle engines. However, people have made them with four stroke/cycle engines such as the V-8 chainsaw seen here: website

What is the normal size of go cart engines?
The normal size of a go cart engine is either 125cc or 250cc. These engines are either two stroke or four stroke engines and can produce as much as 90 hp.

How are two stroke engines lubricated?
Two stroke engines are lubricated by mixing special two-stroke oil in with the petrol.

What happens to the speed using 2 stroke compare to 4 stroke?
two stroke engines have a power stroke every second revolution of the crank shaft. four strokes have a power stroke every fourth revolution of the crank shaft. that is why a 125cc two stroke has about the same power as a 250cc four stroke.

Does a 9.8 merc require mixed gas?
The older two-stroke engines DO require mixed gas and oil, but the newer four-stroke engines use separate gas and oil. Which do you have?

Why do most very small engines operate on a two-stroke cycle?
two-stroke engines can produce more power than four-stroke engines that have the same size. they can occupy small spaces and produce the desired power. they are on the other hand produce more pollution than 4-stroke engines. that's why they are limited or suitable for small engine spaced machines

Why do 2 cycle engines run hotter than 4 cycle?
A two stroke engine fires (an explosion in the motor) twice as often as a four stroke. A stroke is every time the piston in the engine changes direction. (From up to down) A two stroke engine fires every time the piston comes to the top where a four stroke will fire every other time. So if two single cylinder engines are running at 1,000 RPMs a two stroke will fire 1,000 times a four...

Do I need to mix oil in with my gas my Yamaha 350 raptor?
No the raptor is a four stroke you only use mix in two stroke engines.

Does a two stroke engine have only one valve per cylinder?
Some two stroke engines have 4 valves, Detroit Diesel 71 series and 53 series engines for example. Most small 2 stroke engines have no "Valves" at all in the sense of the "POP" valve used in four stroke engines. Some people feel these engine has one valve because the piston acts as the valve covering the ports cut into the cylinder walls.

Who is more cheaper two stroke or four stroke engines?
2-strokes are generally cheaper as they have fewer moving parts and can be made smaller for the same power output.

Differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines?
Two strokes have two cycles the piston go through intake/compression and ignition/exhaust where four strokes have four separate piston cycles intake compression ignition and exhaust.

How many pistons are in a 4 stroke internal combustion engine?
A four stroke internal combustion engine can have any number of pistons, from one to one million. They usually have even numbers in order to maintain engine stability. The "four stroke internal combustion" signifies the type of engine. There are two stroke internal combustion engines, mostly one or two cylinder engines used in lawn mowers. An internal combustion engine is one that ignites an air fuel mixture within itself and uses the resulting explosion for...

What is the fuel oil mixture for an older Briggs and stratton lawn mower?
Briggs and Stratton made almost exclusively four stroke engines. There is no fuel oil mixture for a four stroke engine. Are you sure you have a two stroke engine by Briggs and Stratto? rhg

What does the company Husaberg manufacture?
Husaberg is a trusted company that deals with off road vehicles. The products that they manufacture are four stroke and two stroke engines for plan de capacitacion de personal de ventas these off road vehicles.

What is the name of the two stroke engine cycle?
I think you are looking for a detailed engineering answer. Common usage is that a two stroke engines is called a two stroke engine. By the way my experience says that two stroke engines only have two strokes and the second one is fatal.

Where 2 stroke diesel and petrol engine used?
two stroke diesel engine is used in cargo ships as cross head type engines, two stroke petrol engines used in two wheelers.

What is the difference between two and four stroke engines?
In a 4-stroke engine, the steps (strokes) are: Intake stroke: During the intake stroke, the piston goes down from the top of the cylinder to the bottom, reducing the pressure inside the cylinder. It then draws a mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder through the intake port, ready for the compression stroke. Compression stroke: With both intake and exhaust valves closed, the piston goes back up to the top of the cylinder compressing...

Tractor engine two stroke or four stoke?
in tractors with low power we generally use 4 stroke engine , and some big tractors with high power and big ships uses 2 stroke engines

What is a 2 cycle engine?
As the name suggests a two stroke engine achieves in two strokes what a four stroke engine achieves in four strokes. There are four stages in the cycle of both engines. These are; Induction Compression Power Exhaust In a four stroke engine these are separated into individual strokes of the piston. In a two stroke engine they are combined into 2 strokes as opposed to four by arranging ports and valves in a certain manner...

How does a v twin engine work?
Two stroke V-twin engines would seem to provide the best of both worlds; the high RPM and power density of a two stroke, and the large displacement and efficient packaging of a V-Twin. History V-Twin Engines have been used since their debut in the 1911 Morgan Three-wheeler, and two stroke engines have been around since 1881. V-Twin Definition V-Twin engines are defined as having two cylinders arranged in a V-formation, and as using a crankshaft...

Where are two stroke engines used?
Two stroke engines are used in dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, etcetera. You can find them in most small recreational vehicles like that. A lot of outboard boat motors are also two stroke.

Is the Yamaha model 465 dirt bike a two stroke engine or a four stroke engine?
two two One of the best enduro motorcycles ever produced

Ar e two strock motobikes better then four strocks?
2 stroke engines have a little more power and require a lot less maintenance than a 4 stroke but do not last as long.

Does a kx125 have an oil filter?
depends if it is a two stroke or four. a two stroke will not be a four stroke may i am not sure

In a car with fuel injection during which stroke does fuel enter the cylinders?
Number 1, the intake stroke. Weather it is fuel injected or has a carburetor makes no difference. Most internal combustion engines today are 4 stroke engines. The four strokes refer to intake, compression, combustion and exhaust strokes that occur during two crankshaft rotations per working cycle of Otto Cycle and Diesel engines. The four steps in this cycle are often informally referred to as "suck, squeeze (or squash), bang, blow." Intake stroke

Advantages of two stroke engine over a four stroke engine?
Explain the advantages of four-stroke engine over two-stroke engine

What makes a two stroke engine produce twice as much power as a four stroke?
A 2-stroke engine makes power every2 cycles were a 4-stroke makes power every 4.Hence 2x power. This is absolutely INCORRECT! A two stroke engine develops it's PEAK horse power twice as fast as a four stroke for the reason given but that is it. For a given displacement a four stroke engine will ALWAYS make more torque and horsepower than a two stroke engine of equal displacement. This is due to the fact that a...

What is faster two stroke or four stroke?
It is generally accepted that a 2-stroke is more powerfull than a 4-stroke - for each full cycle (induction, compresion, ignition, exhaust) a 2-stroke engines crank rotates twice and a 4-strokes engine rotates 4 times. Therefore, for each 4-stroke Bang you get Bang, Bang from a 2-stroke! 4-stroke engines are far more efficient though and 2-stroke engines are getting close to being legislated out of existence (we have just lost 250cc Motorcycle GP racing in...

Describe how a two stroke engine works?
Two stroke engines do not have valves, which makes their work simpler. They also have more power than a four stroke engine, because they fire every revolution rather than every other revolution. The fuel is taken in, revolved through a compressor and pushed out the exhaust.

What is better a four or two stroke engine?
in my opinion a two stroke engine is a better quality engine as compared to a four stroke engine!

Why 4 stroke engine is used in cars?
4 stroke engine is used in cars to give them more power. Or The four stroke system does not have to have oil mixed in with the fuel, because the sump can be used for storage and pumped around galleries. Two stroke engines are less convenient and also cause pollution, due to the unburnt oil causing smoke. Some eastern block cars used to have 2 stroke engines, like the Trabant and Wartburg.

What is an obsolete technology for a motorcycle?
Two Stroke Combustion Engines are now obsolete. But two stroke might come back with modifications.

Why oil is used in two stroke petrol engine instead of four stroke petrol engine?
there is no oil in the two stroke .....where as four stroke has oil sump which carries oil.........

Compare the two stroke and four stroke engine in powe output and thermal efficiency?
compare the two stroke and four stroke engine in power output and thermal efficiency?

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