The prácticum subject in the Faculty of Psychology in UNED: Results from the assessment of the pilot study in clinical psychology

Amaia Lasa-Aristu


The present paper pursued two aims: The first one is briefly focused on the characteristics of the pilot experience developed in the Faculty of Psychology in the UNED university in relation to the so-called «Practicum» subject of Clinical Psychology. The Practicum is a main subject of the new study schedule of Psychology in the UNED university starting in the course 2005/06. The second aim is to show the results obtained in the evaluation carried out by people who joined this experience during the courses 2001/02, 2002/03 and 2003/04: students, tutors and professional associates. The most outstanding results showed the following: a) a wide acceptance of this new practical subject, b) a very good evaluation from our students about the professional associates in the centers of the Clinical Psychology and Health area and c) a generalized request from the students to have more courses and hours of practical training.


Practicum; clinical and health psychology; testing



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